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When it comes to resigning from your employer it is very important to keep many things in mind. One of them is being professional about why you want to leave their place. An employee resignation letter is a very hard document to write. So if you are leaving because of the payment then let them know that. Or if the place just does seem like a good fit for you then tell them. Or if the scheduling does not fit your life anymore you should inform them. After all, they gave you respect for hiring you in the first place so you should respect them as well. After all, this feedback can help that company grow and improve in the future. 

Handling Your Letter

When it comes to handling your employee resignation letter you will want to personally hand it to the person who employed you. Also, be sure that you have a nice conversation with them if you enjoyed working at the place. Do not be that person that will cause a scene about things either. These can be the company which gives you a very good recommendation for your new job as well. Then keep in mind that when you are doing this you will not want to just leave it on someone’s desk or even their mailbox. One other thing would be that you may want to let your co-workers know beforehand when you decide to do this. Especially if you are training someone and you don’t want to leave them in the dust.  

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What You Should Say

There are some guidelines that you may want to say to them. Let them know some highlights of when you worked for them. Tell me what you liked and enjoyed about this place. Also, put what you did not like about working for them as well. Even give them some feedback on ways you think they should improve. Also, tell them where you see some people are more efficient than others. This can help the people that you have worked with as well and give your employer some insight into what they may not have seen before. Also, give them your favorite moment and reasons why you have stayed at that place for as long as you did. 

Showing Professionalism

You will want to maintain a very professional stance when you write this. Also, know that this could be the place that talks to your next employer and show them how mature you are when you leave. Then be sure to only say kind things to them and all of the other people you worked with. You may even say things that you have liked about the co-workers that you have had. Keep in mind that when you are doing this that you truly wish them the best thighs in the future and to keep in touch with them. After all, this place could have been somewhere you spend a lot of time or years at and have grown close to them. So you may have your own flavor of what you think is professional and that is perfectly fine to show them that as well. 

Company Review

When you are leaving a vital thing to them would be giving them a company review.  This can be a classic pros and cons situation for them. Also, be sure to be extensive in your reasonings when you give them this review. Then tell them some ideas of which you think they can improve in different areas. Also, give them some new ideas to consider about making some changes. After all, this would help the people that you have worked with and the new ones to come. Plus someone could have done that for the new palace that you are going to. 

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Keep In Touch

Always keep in touch with a company that you have recently left for somewhere else. Whether it may be just stopping in and saying hi to everyone. Or if you just talk to them about how things are going. You may even have a friend that still works there and you could talk to them about the company. Also, see if they took anything you told them about your views and did anything with it. Plus it could even be something such as talking to a supervisor and stopping in to see how things may have evolved. This can overall boost some morale for people that still work there and even reconnect some old bonds. 

Leave On A Good Note

No matter if you loved your old place or hated it, the best thing to know is that you left on a good note. Be sure that you tell everyone that you worked with what you enjoyed about them. Also, be sure to find some way to keep in contact with them. A professionally written employee resignation letter will help you in the long run. Think about the many things and reasons why you stayed at your workplace for as long as you did. Then let some of your co-workers know that as well. Plus something else you may want to keep in mind is that you are being respectful and professional. So never forget to say good things to them like you wish are said to you.


So with your very own envelope resignation letter, you will want to speak about many things, Also know that when you are handling your letter you should give it to a supervisor or manager and speak to them about the situation. Know the many things that you should say when it comes to this. Be sure to show your highest form of professionalism when you write this. When you leave a company review be sure that you are being completely honest about everything you have thought about.

Keep in touch with that company and see how much they have grown without you and what they may have done to improve themselves. Be sure you leave on a good note because that shows your true character. Always make sure your employee resignation letter is written professionally.