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How To Apply For A Job Online

In today’s growing world of recent innovation and technology, things have been made to simplify many things. One of the most important additions in the past fifteen years is smartphone technology. The biggest thing about smartphone technology is it helps us connect easier, and be provided easier access to get information and send information. The same application of these concepts can go into how individuals can establish their search for a job. Job searches over the past decade since 2010 have been more efficient and applying online for a job gets easier by the day.

Online job applications have evolved over the years, you can see this evolution really shine on social media establishments like LinkedIn or even Facebook. Companies like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, Google Jobs and more. Temporary employment professionals, professional recruiters and direct hiring staffing agencies also have been very adaptive to the constant additions of conveniences for candidates to easily apply online for a job.

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With this being said, all you really need to have is a few things when looking for a job online:

#1. A Resume. A resume is the base of your application and highlights your qualifications, experience, education and more highlights to tell an employer how you can be a valuable asset to their company.

#2. A Cover Letter. A cover letter is an amazing thing to provide an employer or agency looking for talent. This letter will tell us about your will to get a job and start working as soon as possible and how much of a valuable individual you can be for the company outside of what your resume has to say.

#3. A LinkedIn Account: A LinkedIn account will very much support your professional profile. If you have your profile setup and ready to show recruiters how qualified you are and how active you are professionally in the profession you are trying to get into. 

#4. An Indeed, ZipRecruiter or CareerBuilder Account: Having these related accounts gives you access to their features such as auto apply and more. 

#5. Facebook. Facebook has an employment solution for individuals looking to hire and those looking for work. In fact, there is plenty of work posted on Facebook and there will likely be more as Meta Inc will continue to grow further. 

#6. Apply via Google Jobs: Companies needing workers that are well established usually have available positions listed on Google Jobs. 

#6. A Notebook: With the access of many job boards online, definitely keep notes ready for the position in case you get a call sooner than you would think and to keep track of the positions you have applied to. 

#7. A Game Mindset: Having a great attitude and mindset going into a job search is great and if not, the best thing to have as a great mindset will impress an employer to a great extent. Can-do attitudes are a must at some companies! 

Social Media and Job Searching

As the growth of social media has been a lot more prominent in the past several years, it is no doubt that finding a job is just going to be getting easier and easier. Gainful employment starts with just having a great profile to display to employers looking to hire for a position in their company. Did you know that some employers take social media statuses and tweets very seriously? We will discuss later, but it is a very important thing to keep in mind during your job search.

Job searching could not be any easier in 2021! We truly believe in digital solutions for staffing needs and we have noticed this growth for several years. With the emergence of convenient technologies not just for convenience to the user, but accessibility for those who have disabilities, these convenient technologies can help anyone gain access and receive or send information with much more ease than fifteen years ago.

One thing about today with convenience on the internet and through mobile devices, are autocomplete or autofill features that individuals can use to order products online on an online store, order food online, or apply for a job online. Did you know that applying online could actually take you not that much of time on websites other than LinkedIn or Indeed that would require a little more information from you? The good news is yes, and we are happy to share with you about how you can use a few simple settings on your iPhone or Android device. Or even your computer of choice. 


How Autofill Settings With iPhone and Android Devices Can Help You Apply Faster

Let’s discuss a little more about how you can apply to jobs online quicker and much more conveniently using autofill and autocomplete settings. These settings could save you up to ten minutes on some job application forms online. Some of the places of employment who require this will usually respond fairly quick when you apply on their website and not go through a 3rd party placement site. 

Autofill or autocomplete technology helps you fill out forms online much faster by the storage of your information in your phone. Based on your device’s settings that you have setup, you can simply click one button and multiple fields on an online job application form can populate quickly and you can address other fields on the website that maybe in the future, Apple and Google will be able to provide even more. 

First and foremost, before applying online to a website, always, make sure there is a security lock on the top left of your browser on your phone. If there is not one, the website is insecure and you may be at risk of sharing sensitive information and could have your data compromised. Keep that in mind when applying online, you would not want to store sensitive information on a website with no security on it right? 

If there is not one, you are welcome to call the place of employment and let them know about the security issue and let them know you’re still interested in applying for a job. That likely will majorly impress the employer by showing due diligence about a major port of their business. So, back to the autofill and autocomplete on your phone. Let’s delve a little deeper on how you can make this happen and make applying online much easier with applying online on your phone. 

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How To Setup Autofill On Your Mobile Device to Apply Online Faster

If you are using an iPhone the setup is pretty simple. Make sure you update your personal contact information settings in your phone. Once you are done setting up your contact information settings, in your iPhone Settings, tap on Safari to open the Safari browser settings. Once inside your Safari Browser settings in your iPhone, tap AutoFill. Follow this step, by then turning on the Use Contact Info toggle switch. You would then select your Contact info and your contact information is now enabled for AutoFill. Now you are not only enabled for AutoFill to apply for jobs online, but now you are ready to fill out other forms like food ordering or online store ordering without having to spend a lot of time filling out your information. 

For your Android device, you would just need to open your settings app. Scroll down and tap System and select Language & Input. Follow this on your android device by tapping advanced to expand the section to see Autofill Service. Tap Autofill Service once and it will open another screen with Autofill Service with Google under it, tap that button as well. 

Then in the Autofill Service, click on the button to enable Autofill on Google. Select your password manager and then Google will ask to “Make Sure You Trust This App”, click yes, and then to manage your AutoFill settings, click on the settings cog on the right hand side. Follow this by clicking on “Account” and you will see an Autofill with Google prompt, click Continue. On Autofill with Google, tap personal information to edit your information and you should be ready to apply for a job online easier using Google Autofill on your Android device. 

Here are some supportive links to help you in case our instructions need a little more explaining: 

Apple Autofill Setup; 


Android Autofill Setup; https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-manage-android-autofill-settings-4801221


How Soon Can You Expect To Hear Back From a Hiring Manager

If you have applied diligently online with the information above and even applied on the company’s website, it is likely you may hear from a professional recruiter or hiring manager sooner than you think. Always be prepared to answer that call and be sure to check your email in case any hiring manager reaches out to you and you are ready to start that interview. 

Times have surely changed over the years and applying for jobs have gotten so much easier over the years. We sincerely hope this information can help you save time while on your job search. We wish you well on your job search and please ask if you would like more information on how we can help you find the perfect job or need any insights while on your search. We love helping candidates succeed and we believe with modern technology providing the convenience it does, that we ensure that we are adhering to these constant changes and challenges. 

Did you know that we support Apple and Google Autofill for your job application on our form if you are looking for manufacturing jobs in Cleveland, Ohio? If you are looking for job opportunities in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, it is never easier to apply online using our form. Our form also has Save and Continue features just in case you need more time to gather further information should you need to. We hope this information gets to you and helps you optimize your job search and get employment as soon as possible.