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So when you have been asked that famous question, “tell me about yourself”? There probably were many things running through your head all at once. That is totally normal and I have been through that exact same thing. Well, this is the best way to handle that in my opinion. You may want to ask them exactly what areas they want to know about. If they do not specify then you have free reign on what topics you cover or what to tell them. All consider not getting too carried away but remaining passionate on the subject. 

Presenting Professionalism

When you are presenting yourself in a job you will definitely want to remain professional. Now you don’t have to go over the top ad rent an expensive suite. Just think to yourself if you were in that person’s shoes what would you want people to dress like? Plus make sure that you have a good and confident tone of voice. Do not be anxious about the situation and try to take it lighter than it may seem and relax. Do not appear too relaxed to the where you become in careless manner either. These can be some steps to help you seem a lot more professional and never forget to tell me about yourself. 

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Stature And Stance When You Tell Me About Yourself

Your stature and or stance can tend to give off a lot of signals during an interview. Being too relaxed can show boredom and you have no interest, Be sure you are sitting up straight as you want to be engaged in the conversation. Do not be foot tapping or hand tapping. You will want to be still and stern to show confidence. Also, try not to move a lot even if you may end up wanting to. Plus your stature can give off some different vibes depending on if you change it and how often you do. These key signs can be things that help you win over the interviewer. 

Being Friendly

It is never a bad idea to seem like a friendly person when you speak to an interviewer or when you have to tell me about yourself. It may end badly depending on how friendly of a person you think that you may be. Remember you want them to be comfortable with you. You do not want them to feel like they are being pushed into a corner or not being taken seriously. This can shut down an interview and I have seen it happen. When you are being friendly you may want to be a friendly kind of professional. Treat them like you are talking to a stranger because in all reality you really are. 

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What To Speak About When You Tell Me About Yourself

It may be harsh for you to think of things to speak about with them. You can just start asking them different questions about them. Even questions about the company or type of work itself. See where they started out when they were first hired. See what the interviewer may have set in their sights with the company as well. Find out if you were hired in if you would be working alongside them. Try and find out any areas that people may lack and what you think they should do about it. 

Being Straight Forward

When you are being straightforward with someone it is the key to being honest. They don’t want to hear lines that they have heard every person say before them. They want to see the hunger that you have during this process. How you will help them accomplish their goals and stand out. You have to be a valuable individual not just a number to them. You are very significant and they need to know and understand that. Also when you are doing this you do not want to be provocative but rather questioning. If you do not like something then they need to know that so don’t budge for anyone. 

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Remaining Calm When You Tell Me About Yourself

One thing is that you have to remain calm when you are going through this process. During an interview, they may ask you some things to back you in a corner. Do not get anxious and stand your ground with confidence when you tell me about yourself. Also, keep in mind that they were in the same seat you were at one point in time. When you are calm it shows them you are not easily overwhelmed. They will keep note of this while they grease you during the interview and it may be a quality they are looking for. It is something that I do tend to look for when I interview people. 


Be sure that when you tell me about yourself, give them the basics at first and then build off of that. You want to present professionalism because after all, you are presenting your self-image. Be sure to have a good posture during an interview because some interviewers can be very annoyed by how your stance. Be friendly with the person you are being interviewed by and show them you are comfortable to be around. Always know what to talk about because there may be a moment when the conversation does become dull. Be straightforward with them on your goals and your p[assion and what you wish to gain out of having an experience with them. Be sure to remain calm during the situation and show them your strengths and confidence,